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Black Sunday Challenge



  4 miles Every

  4 hours for

44 hours

What You need to know:

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  • WHEN: Starts April 2, 8pm EST

  • WHAT: Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 44 hours

  • COST: $0

  • NOT A RUNNER?: Exercise 45-60 min of each 4-hour leg

  • TUNE IN LIVE: We will go live on Facebook at the start of each 4-hour leg

  • SHIRT & WATER BOTTLE: An official BSC EXTREME 4x4x44 Challenge Shirt & Water Bottle is available for order now until April 4. Get them now while they're available. All profits will be donated to the charitable Non-Profit Organization Warrior Hall. We will announce the total amount donated during the week of April 4.

  • COMMUNITY: Encourage others to join in the 4x4x44 Challenge! In a time when there is so much divisiveness in the world, this event gives all of us the rare opportunity to come together for a common goal with people from all over the Country!

  • SHARE YOUR STORY: Share your story AFTER the completion of the challenge to possibly win prizes (see form below).


  • TIMING: You must start and complete the challenge at the same time Eddie and Bennett are undertaking the challenge regardless of the time zone. This will have the greatest impact as people all over the country will be partaking in the challenge at the same time.

  • YOUR STORY: Don't submit your story until you have completed the last leg of 4x4x44 Challenge on Arril 4th or early morning hours on April 5th. Earlier submissions will not be considered.

  • ELIGIBILITY: All participants are eligible to possibly win regardless if you run, bike, walk, or some other creative mix of exercise(s) OR if you raise money for charity.

  • SAFETY: Take all precautionary measures to ensure that you and others you run with are safe. You will be running at all times of the day and night so safety is paramount.



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